Bridget Vizoso’s lush designs owe much to a childhood immersed in the tropics of Florida, climbing the giant banyan trees in her backyard or playing with the lily pads in the adjacent lakes. At an early age, she converted a shed into a greenhouse and spent hours caring for and propagating plants. After graduating from Parsons School of Design with a degree in Fashion Design, she traveled extensively, eventually taking a job at the renowned Kelways Nursery in Somerset, England. Representing Kelways, Bridget participated in the Chelsea Flower Show, where her peony displays garnered a Silver Medal. That summer Bridget discovered her métier, something that would captivate her imagination to this day. With more than 18 years in the field of event design—and backed by a near encyclopedic knowledge of flowers and plants—Bridget has staged buzz-worthy events that include fundraisers for orphans, elaborate destination weddings and corporate events. Bridget draws inspiration from the flowers she works with, many of which are foraged adding to the exotic nature of her arrangements. “Working with flowers marries collage and sculpture in an orchestrated dance of shape, texture, movement and color.” Bridget explains, "Its transience is a perfect metaphor for the beauty and fragility of life.” Coordinating Services: Packages offered are geared to the personal needs of each client and range from full event planning to "day of" and a-la-carte services. Individual Flower Orders: Custom gift arrangements can be ordered by telephone, email or through our inquiry form. Please allow 24 hours for delivery as all of our flowers are acquired on a daily basis to assure the freshest choices for our clients.